Language Of Light- Healing, Guidance and Transformation

Current Clients of  the Language of Light Sessions with Barbara Marie...

Please see these special fees, that Barbara Marie has arranged for you.


Dear Friends,

You have been invited to this special page, because I have enjoyed working with you in the past and  you expressed great joy and excitement after your session.  

Many of you have wanted to continue working with me in the Language of Light sessions.  I have found a way to do this.  On this page only, I have decreased my fees for you.  This will enable you to work with me and The Present Ones at this discounted fee.  I don't know how long I can offer this due to my busy schedule.  I wanted to honor you and your journey in this way for as long as I am able to.

This is a time limited offer and will discontinue with notice on this web page. We expect this offer to continue through 2020, but will notify you, on this page, if that changes.

If you step forward and say YES, to more  Language of Light sessions with me, Barbra Marie, you will be given the Active Client fees as listed in the next column. 

This will not be for everyone. I  have given you the link to this page.  Do not share this link with others.  It is private because I believe that these sessions have helped you in the past and they will also help you in the future.      

Once you pay for your session, a page will open up and you will be given the link to my calendar.  You may book your first session at that time.

Many blessings, Barbara Marie

Choose from the 3 Options:

Single Session:  $147.00 U.S.

3 Session Pkg.  $399.00 U.S.

10 Session Pkg.  $999.00 U.S.


If this resonates with you, order here before our special session ends!

Barbara Marie's life purpose is to assist Light Workers to Explore and strengthen their spiritual connection, to Expand and amplify their gifts and Express and share their services with the world.