Language Of Light- Healing, Guidance and Transformation

Attention Light Workers

It's time to "upgrade" your vibration and your gifts.

The world needs YOU at your BEST!


Are these some of the questions you have?

  • I think I know my life purpose but can you confirm it?
  • I know my life purpose, but can you show me how to live it more fully?
  • I feel I am being called to do more. Can you tell me about that?
  • Can you show me how to connect to a higher level of guidance?
  • I am really feeling I am to consciously raise my vibration. Can you help me do that?
  • I need some encouragement. Can you tell me what you see in me? Who am I really?
  • I know there is more for me. Can you tell me about that?
  • I am confused and don't even know what to ask, but I know I need help!
  • What are my next best steps to take to develop a business out of my gifts?
  • How do I take are of my clients when I cannot even take care of myself?

Barbara Marie delights in being the bridge between you and your higher spiritual self in the Language of Light sessions, which are very powerful and yet gentle at the same time.

In these sessions, your questions will be answered in a vibrational and a practical way.  These sessions include Activations which will raise your vibration.  You will also enjoy more of the 12 Traits of Unconditional Love, as an added benefit.

You will receive empowering thoughts and beliefs within yourself that will raise you to new heights.  There are keys and codes and  vibrations embedded in this session specifically for you.  This will stay with you in your energy field from that day forward.

The guidance that comes through for you, is the highest that Barbara Marie offers.  Your Higher Self takes part in this type of session.  

Listen to the video and experience the Language of Light.  If you feel loved, comforted and energetically drawn to it, this session is perfect for you.

Step forward and say YES, to the Language of Light session with Barbra Marie today!  This will be the next step in your amazing transformational journey.


Language of Light sessions now available to support Light Workers just like YOU - whether you are a beginner or a pro..... The vibrations that come through, will be specifically for YOU!

I would like to share with you a very precious treasure I discovered: The Language Of Light! I share this gift with you with love and gratitude!

What is The Language of Light? It is a most spiritually evolved process of: connecting with your spiritual Higher Self and Guides, with heart opening Activations, Messages, Keys and Codes.

Imagine co-creating an experience of Soul communication with someone who is adept at communicating with spiritual Guides beyond this form, who are guiding, supporting and inspiring us on our Soul journey of evolution!

This is exactly who Barbara Marie Babish is: an awakened, outstanding, clear/pure and evolved soul teacher/mentor! During the incredible divine gift I received through a session with her, Barbara Marie guided me to connect with and confirmed who my Spiritual Guides are.

Our session was one of the most highly spiritual experiences I ever had,and I have had many glorious, out-of-this-world spiritual experiences on my journey. I can easily recognize an authentic, true master, and Barbara Marie is one of them!

It is with great joy and deep certainty that I recommend Barbara Marie as the person to go to if you want to know: who your spiritual teachers are, what their messages are, if you have pressing questions that need understanding and clarity from a Soul level, if you want to activate your Soul Codes and Keys and raise your vibration!

A session with Barbara Marie will, invariably, accelerate your awakening and evolution!

Love Always,
Medea  (

Medea Bavarella ChechikMedea ( Feminine Power Coach, Relationships Expert, WeEvolve TV Founder/Host, Poet, Transformational Teacher- Click here for Link to

If this resonates with you, order here before our special session ends!

BONUS #1 :  The Divine Heart Opening Activation- a great way to start the session

BONUS #2:   Any ONE Divine Activation of  your choice - any one of the 12 Traits of Unconditional Love is very popular right now (such as peace, strength, patience etc.)

BONUS #3:  An MP3 Recording of your session- this enables you listen again and again to keep your vibration high

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PLEASE NOTE:   Once payment has been made a page will pop up giving you further instructions on how to book the day and time of your appointment.  Sessions are 60 minutes using the TELEPHONE for most English speaking countries.

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A little extra information for you....

The Language of Light Guidance and Activation Session will propel you towards your true personal and professional potential to serve and prosper!

Your facilitator will be Mystic, Divine Channel, Teacher, and Mentor, Reverend Barbara Marie Babish.  With Barbara Marie’s spiritual gift of The Language of Light she is able to assist you personally, privately and more quickly than any other service she offers.

These sessions include the participation of your Higher Self and your angels and guides and the Divine group called The Present Ones. This session  includes information, guidance, keys, codes and activations that would benefit you NOW in your personal life and in your business.

Barbara Marie's life purpose is to assist Light Workers to Explore and strengthen their spiritual connection, to Expand and amplify their gifts and Express and share their services with the world.